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Tautavel Museum of Prehistory, a Family Trip in the Past.


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Tautavel Museum of Prehistory.

It presents the history of humanity in Europe from the first Europeans to the gates of history.


Why ?

In 1971, the discovery of the Man of Tautavel (-450 000 years) by the teams of Professor de Lumley sparked the desire to create a scientific and cultural pole. This bold bet triggered a tremendous development of the municipality and brought him an unprecedented reputation and attractiveness. Twenty years old, the Tautavel man was 1m60 tall. He is a homo Heidelbergensis with all the characteristics of the first Europeans: a fleeing front, a bead above the orbits, prominent cheekbones and an advanced jaw. He did not master the fire yet, but he turned out to be an excellent hunter. It is thought that he chose the site of the Caune de l’Arago for its privileged location: it could dominate the valley, its source of water and therefore its prey.

The collection of human bones, the treasure of the archaeological site…

With 150 human remains discovered, including in 2018 a milk tooth dating from 560 000 to 580 000 years, the Caune de l’Arago in Tautavel is a major site of prehistory worldwide. This is the site where we have the oldest human remains discovered in France. The Museum of Prehistory Tautavel allows to meet these men and put them in the context of European prehistory. The museum is just as famous for the richness of the collections as for the fun and cultural activities. Throughout the year the activities allow visitors to appropriate the life of their distant ancestors. The Prehistoric Museum of Tautavel is a family trip in the past.




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