shopThe shop of the Museum of Prehistory of Tautavel offers many products:
specialized books, children books, reproductions of prehistoric objects, flint, pendants, cards, posters, …

Mint Collection

boutique-pieceThe medals “Homme de Tautavel” published by the Paris Mint.
The inevitable memory that all collectors fall over one another to snap them up.
– Limited edition

The Museum of Tautavel Guide

boutique-guide-museeEverything about the prehistory at Tautavel an excellent synthetic carrier for preparing a visit or a presentation.
– Available in several languages at the price of 4 €

Items – Souvenirs

boutique-souvenirsBesides t-shirts, caps, key rings, and other essential from sites shops, you will find educational games, crafts and especially the replicas of everyday objects of prehistoric life, fire kit, pendants, arrowheads…


boutique-librairieThe Museum shop offers a wide variety of books about prehistory and also a large collection of educational materials.

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