Over 2000 m2 of exhibition galleries

Throughout 21 rooms, the Museum of Prehistory invites you to meet the “Homme de Tautavel”, the oldest man found on French soil (450,000 years). The Museum of Prehistory presents his unique collections with means of modern museography in order to make the distant past comprehensible to all.

A visit vibrant and multi-lingual

The individual receivers provide visitors with clear explanations and teaching in each museum rooms. In periods of archeological excavations (April-September), a digital link with the cave allow the visitors to see live the discoveries of archaeologists from inside the museum.

Life-size reconstitutions

Through faithful reconstitutions of prehistoric scenes, you dive into the valley of Tautavel and make a fabulous journey among men, animals and landscapes. A reconstitution of the “Caune de l’Arago” (place of discovery of the “Hommme de Tautavel”) visitors can immerse themselves into the authentic habitat of this ancestor. A multimedia show recreates a hunting scene from 450 000 years ago.

In the spectacular room diorama, a sound and light staging gives scenes of prehistoric daily life a unique realism, surprising the audience..

Tactile objects

Objet tactileIn general, it is forbidden to touch the items displayed in a museum, for obvious reasons of preservation and security. The Museum of Tautavel dropped the ban and now invites the public to “touch” objects specially designed for this purpose. These are original casts of archaeological discoveries from the “Caune de l’Arago” of Tautavel. These pieces were chosen for their tactile qualities on one hand, and on the other for educational interests.
These tactile objects are also used as support to give feedback to disabled people.

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