The Museum of Tautavel European Center of Prehistory is a complex built around the “Homme de Tautavel”. It presents the history of humanity in Europe since the first Europeans to the gates of history by taking examples from the nearby area of Tautavel. Musée de Tautavel - Centre Européen de la Préhistoire

A little history…

In 1971, the discovery of the “Homme de Tautavel” (-450,000 years) by the teams of the Professor Lumley has generated the will to create a scientific and cultural center. This bold step has triggered a tremendous development of the town of Tautavel and brought him unprecedented fame and appeal. Aged twenty, the “Homme de Tautavel” was 1m60 tall. That Homo heidelbergensis had all the characteristics of the first Europeans: a receding forehead, a ridge above the orbits, prominent cheekbones and a forward jaw. If he had not yet mastered the fire, he proved to be an excellent hunter. Presumably he would have chosen the site of the “Caune de l’Arago” for its location: there he could dominate the valley, his source of water and therefore his preys. The Museum of Prehistory lets you go meet these men and put them in the context of European prehistory. The Museum of Tautavel is as renowned for the richness of his collections as for his cultural and recreational activities that allow visitors throughout the year to capture the lives of their ancestors.

Musée de Préhistoire de Tautavel, un été Waouh !

Musée de Préhistoire de Tautavel, un été Waouh ! Programme des Animations Estivales 2018 du Musée de Préhistoire de Tautavel… Un Voyage en Famille dans le Passé. #WaouhTautavel Musée de Préhistoire de Tautavel, un été Waouh ! Un voyage en famille dans le passé  ...

The Holidays workshops acc-atelier

The animations are definitely a plus to the museum visit and the exhibition about the early inhabitants of Europe. During school holidays workshops will be offered on-site. These workshops help give life to prehistoric times, and help create an atmosphere quite suitable for an immersion into the world of prehistory.

Festivals of Prehistory

In July and August, the whole village sets itself at the Prehistory hour. The staffs of the Museum and the City Hall, the students, the archaeologists, the researchers from the research center and volunteers from all kinds of backgrounds offer a big celebration to the public of the Museum but also to the many regulars who come year after year in growing numbers.
During these festive days, a very dense program around Prehistory is offered to the public, all the Museum’s workshops are in activity, stone cutting, fire lighting, human evolution, painting and makeup, thruster firing, prehistoric patties, archeological excavation Workshop, in the afternoon, a prehistoric market with minerals and local produces is present on the esplanade Nougaro, a prehistoric meal for over 300 guests is also organized.

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